jdpa The Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants

About Us

The JDPA is the official clinical journal of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants. The mission of the JDPA is to improve dermatological patient care by publishing the most innovative, timely, practice-proven educational information available for the physician assistant profession.

Highlights of the JDPA include:
   • Quarterly publication
   • Peer reviewed content
   • Category I CME Credit for selected articles
   • Complimentary subscription for SDPA members

Editorial Board
   • Travis Hayden, MPAS, PA-C, Editor in Chief
   • Joe Monroe, MPAS, PA
   • Patricia Ferrer, MPAS, PA-C
   • Gordon Day, R.Ph., PA-C
   • Nancy Primo, MPAS, PA-C
   • Lauren Zajac, MHS, PA-C
   • Michelle DiBaise, MPAS, PA-C
   • Mark Archambault, DHSc, PA-C
   • Kristine Kucera, DHS, MPAS, PA-C
   • Jennifer Winter, PA-C
   • Mark Hyde, MMS, PA-C
   • Jennifer Conner, MPAS, PA-C
   • Jeffrey LaDuca, Ph.D., MD
   • Alan Menter, MD

Department Editors
   • Clinical Department Editor
      Susan E. King-Barry, MPAS, PA-C
      Karen Graham, MPAS, PA-C
   • Dermatology Grand Rounds Editor
       Cynthia F. Griffith, MPAS, PA-C
   • Dermoscopy Editor
       John Burns, MSPA, PA-C
   • Drugs in Dermatology Editor
       Stephen Wolverton, MD
   • Surgical Department Editor
      Christy Kerr, MPAS, PA-C
   • Cosmetic Department Editor
      Nancy Primo, MPAS, PA-C
   • Professional Development Department Editor
      Abby Jacobson, MS, PA-C

Publishing Staff
   • Managing Editor: Jennifer Hayden, M.Ed
   • Copy Editor: Douglas Morris
   • Art Director: Angela Simiele
   • Website Design: Terry Scanlon