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Celebrating the Advancement of Our Profession

Travis Hayden, MPAS, PA-C
JDPA Interim Editor-in-Chief

It goes without question that our world and its people have endured a great deal of changes and challenges throughout this ongoing pandemic. We have witnessed entire industries shift and change their methods overnight. I remain in total awe of the fact that we have seen firsthand the marvel that is science. We have watched as teams of dedicated scientists and researchers have developed a vaccine to protect us against Covid-19, and they have done that in less than a year’s time frame. Let that sink in. We are living in a time of great scientific advancement.

As a PA, I feel we are also living in a time of great advancement for our profession. I have always been grateful for the early PA pioneers who came before us and laid the framework for our profession. Each generation of PAs that followed have then built upon the previous generation’s work in educating patients on the role of PAs and advancing our profession. And here we are today, living in this period of time with a recently approved change to our title and ongoing individual state legislation changes advancing PAs into independent practices. These processes have not occurred overnight and did not occur due to one or two individuals. It is such an impressive time to be working as a PA and knowing that your combined efforts, collaborating and working with others who are equally as passionate and energetic, are helping with the forward advancement of our profession.

I am extremely proud to be a part of such a network of volunteers who are willing to share information and help one another to keep our momentum moving forward. The network of dedicated elected PA leaders and appointed committee members within the SDPA is one that has continued to help advance our specialty and profession forward year after year. When we step back and take inventory of what those volunteers have helped us to develop, it is truly impressive! The SDPA continues to advance thanks in large part to the people who stepped forward to lend a hand and make things happen.

As we continue to advance as a society, as independent practicing PAs, and as members of the SDPA, I continue to be thankful to be part of this wonderful group of healthcare workers and am especially thankful and grateful to be a PA during this incredible period in time. If you have ever considered joining in to help with this advancement, now is the time to do so! Feel free to reach out to me ( at any time to discuss how you can get started and get involved!

-Travis Hayden, MPAS, PA-C
JDPA Interim Editor-in-Chief, Fall 2021

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